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My winged visitors!

March 26, 2012

Sometimes, I like to get lost in my own thoughts. It happens rarely that I am at peace, but it does happen! And I have realized that it happens at times when I stare blankly at the huge trees with their tiny leaves trembling in the wind, or I stare at a little greedy squirrel with its mouth filled with nuts and still longing for more, or I see a flock of green parrots with red beaks flying by, or I gaze at the droplets of rain that shine in the bright sunlight on a leaf! I have noticed that I am at peace when I involve myself with an activity related to nature – away from the complex emotions and complexities of life. To experience this state of bliss more often, I decided to get a bird-feeder.  My decisions happen in an impulse, so a decision was taken to order one immediately, the moment this thought crossed my mind!

Jay and I implemented the decision and got a bird-feeder a week ago. Here is a little description of the bird-feeder.  It looks like a lantern but serves the purpose of reducing the burden on birds to find food. It is copper in colour and has four feeding stations. It also has places for birds to perch, so that they can rest while enjoying a little snack! The bird-feeder has solar charged batteries at the top. The batteries get charged during the day and light up the feeder in the night. Why did we buy a bird-feeder with the solar charged battery? Well, I had to get Jay excited about the bird-feeder. So this was it. He loved the solar charged batteries while I loved the feeding stations for the birds. He kept wondering about how long the batteries will last in the night and I kept wondering what purpose the light would serve; birds don’t eat in the night (well, most birds!), anyways! But I like having things peppered with some character on them, so I didn’t mind the harnessing of a renewable source of energy to light up the feeder!

Day 1

We got the feeder. We bought bird seeds and filled them into the feeder and hung the feeder in the space outside our house. And both of us were very excited. Although, we knew the birds wouldn’t come, we still waited for them! They did not come. Sigh!

Day 2

I went and checked the level of seeds in the feeder and I wished that it had reduced. But alas, it had not. When will the birds come? I wondered. I was getting impatient. But the birds did not come.

Day 3

I thought of an idea- What if I make sounds of a bird? Will the birds come? May be that is how they communicate with each other. So I started mimicking the chirruping of birds from within my window. My mimicking session was interrupted by a pat on my shoulder. It was Jay! Usually, his face is a reflection of my mood. This time the expression on his face was obvious and it had a message waiting to be decoded- It is ok, don’t be so sad.  The birds still did not come.

Day 4

I dropped some seeds around the bird-feeder. This was my marketing strategy to attract the birds! And whenever I was at home I peeked through the window – more times than a hummingbird flaps its wings in a minute! But the birds did not come. By this day, the bird feeder had taught me to be patient!

Day 5

I told Jay in a sad tone that there were no birds in sight yet. Jay bubbled wrapped a message that he probably wanted to convey always but found the perfect opportunity.  He said, “You cannot control everything in the world.” When I raised my eyebrows and stared at him, he quickly changed his tone and said, “I mean the birds will not come when you want them to. They will come when they want to. You can’t control it.The sun had set, so the feeder started glowing –remember it had solar charged batteries. Jay was happy to see that dim glow in the feeder but I still waited eagerly for my winged visitors.

Day 6

I happened to talk to one of my friends and of course I talked about the latest ‘stress’ in my life. She calmed me down by saying, “Arey! Some bird has to find it. Then it will go and tell the others. It works like that. Imagine someone locates a new restaurant, likes it and then passes on the information to others.” Now, I had a new stress. I waited for the bird which would publicize my “bird-restaurant”! The bird-feeder had taught me another lesson – the power of social networks.

Day 7

(The bird-feeder is visible from the living room.) I walked in the living room with a cup of chai and had just picked a book to read when I saw something on the bird-feeder. It was a bird, actually two! I finally had visitors on my bird-restaurant. I was so elated to see them. And Jay calmed me down, “Shhh! Don’t yell! You will scare the bird away!”

Day 8

I saw another winged visitor, a bird as small as a sparrow but it was completely red in color. It perched on one of the feeding stations and pecked at the seeds. I don’t know the name of the bird yet. But I am sure of one thing, I gave it food and it gave me happiness.

Day 9 (today)

Yay! I saw several finches today – the power of social networks, you see! I sighted a bird almost every hour. I now know that I will have regular visitors to my bird-feeder. Jay and I are looking forward to the winged visitors. (At last, he likes the bird-feeder for the right reasons!) I feel a bird-feeder is like a blog, someone likes it, tells the other and the word spreads and that is how it comes in everyone’s sight. Can you think of other interesting analogies?

Here is a picture I clicked from my living room. Due to bad lighting and a non-glamorous camera, the picture is not so great. Pardon my poor photography.


I saw the birds on the feeder when I least expected them and had lost all hope! Strange, isn’t it? You always find things when you expect them the least!

I hope the bird-feeder attracts multitudinous gatherings soon and that the chirruping of birds and the whisper of wings fill the air near my house!

Have a great week ahead!



From → Pasadena

  1. udax permalink

    What a lovely story. We love birds!

  2. Rangoli permalink

    Hooray!!! Like I said before, I hope they don’t start fighting for the limited seating atop the perches.

  3. Srija Unnikrishnan permalink

    Enjoy bird watching! And nature’s marvels!

  4. The power of perseverance! Very nice story, as usual, made me smile today! Also served as your unintentional birthday gift to me 🙂

    It is ironic that you mention that good things always seem to happen when you expect them the least – something amazing just happened here in India for me – of all places, I didn’t expect it to happen here, not at all, but it did. Unfortunately that’s all I can say about this for now (Its somewhat personal) but I do hope to share the full story sometime in the near future 🙂

    You go girl 😛 Keep these posts coming… 🙂

  5. Pravin permalink

    your story was much like one of those saas bahu series that’s so popular in India these days in that it kept me engaged and wanting to know whats gonna happen next :P. Very well written… simple and engaging.

  6. Ah! nice 🙂 It reminded me of the little sparrows that used to be all around our house, hopping, chirping and pecking the little grains of rice. Sometimes they used to get into our home and fly around in our wide hall trying to see if there is some space to build their home 🙂 In fact the old houses, like my grandparents house in village have spots around the house for them to build nest!

    • The concept of having spots in the house to build nests sounds to exciting! Will remember that for sure. 🙂

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