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The content and fearless squirrel!

March 28, 2012

Recently, I saw a tiny- well not so tiny, squirrel eating bird seeds! I discovered that squirrels eat bird seeds too. I was walking down the stairs of my apartment complex when I spotted the small creature nibbling on seeds. The seemingly ravenous squirrel was at the end of the last stair. I thought to myself as I was stepping down the stairs, “Will it run away if I get closer? Will it be scared?” Fortunately, it was not scared when I was four stairs away from it, so I decided to record. Humans and smaller creatures can definitely exist in harmony sometimes.

The squirrel was lost in its own world. It was completely engrossed in the activity of nibbling on the seeds. It didn’t care if another living creature existed around it. But humans are humans, as always curious to find answers to unanswered questions. So I decided to find out if it will run away when I get even closer. My intention was not to scare it but placate my nagging inquisitiveness. At this point Jay objected, “Areyy, let it eat in peace naa!” I wanted to listen to him as he made perfect sense (he always does actually) but my curiosity had overpowered me, so I went closer to the squirrel with the camera in my hand. The squirrel did move a little but again got back to its business- nibbling. Suddenly, it looked directly at me for a few seconds. I looked at Jay and stated in an anxious tone, “Is it going to attack me?” Jay was amused and he replied, “No!”

The squirrel started eating again as if it was thinking to itself, “If I look scared and vulnerable these humans will scare me more! Let them be, there are too many of these humans around anyway!” I loved the squirrel’s – I don’t care and I am not scared attitude!

My curiosity started overpowering me again! “Will it run away if I get still closer?” I thought and moved the camera closer to the peaceful squirrel. And yes this time, it got agitated by the intrusion of its privacy. I had to bid him good bye with a heavy heart. I felt guilty that I had disturbed his peaceful nibbling act! In my mind, I certainly said sorry to the small content fearless squirrel.

But watching the small squirrel made me so happy after a hard day!

Hope I see my little friend with a bushy tail soon!




From → Pasadena

One Comment
  1. Srija Unnikrishnan permalink

    I did see your cute video recording of the squirrel nibbling.
    Yes, the squirrel will definitely read your mind and come back!!

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