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A beautiful day!

April 12, 2012

It is cloudy and chirpy in Pasadena today. I can see the clouds gently caressing the mountain and the first signs of life on a bare branch. The life on the bare branch makes me wonder – Would the flower on the otherwise bare and lifeless branch look beautiful had it not been for the stark contrast to the branch? The clouds caressing the mountain make me wonder – Wouldn’t the lonely mountain be happy today as somebody is caring for it? As these thoughts creep into my mind, I feel compelled to write a poem on the simple pleasures of life.

The simple pleasures in life!

The shadows on the mountain

The clouds caressing the mountain

The sunlight peeking through the tree

The lightening flashing across the sky

The tall palm trees dancing in the wind

The sprouting beauty on a bare branch

The colours of fall

The rustle of dried leaves

The whisper of the wings

The eggs in a bird’s nest

The tick-tock of the clock in the silence

The rhythm of the heart beating

The roar of the ocean

The tranquility of rocks in the ocean

The waves kissing the shores

The shimmering waters in the moonlight

The mountains cradled by the water

The child learning to walk

A baby trying to talk

A mother’s gentle stroke on the hair

A father’s comfort in despair

The tick-tock of the clock in the silence

The rhythm of the heart beating

The smell of wet mud

The smell of an old book

The aroma of delicious food

The steaming cup of tea

The molten chocolate in mouth

The cuddling up next to loved one

The innocent hug from a toddler

The smile of a stranger

The tick-tock of the clock in the silence

The rhythm of the heart beating

Can be heard and cherished

Only in peaceful and placid waters

To assuage and appease

The troubled waters in the mind

Don’t forget to notice these

Simple pleasures in life

They make your life

That is ever so complicated

With its riddles and puzzles and mazes

S I M P L E !

What makes your life simple? Are there any simple pleasures around you that you tend to ignore?



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  1. Jay permalink

    Speaking of simple pleasures, can I have a cup of tea please?

    • Rangoli permalink

      I can vouch for JK’s wonderfully and precisely stewed cups of tea. On my recent trip to India, I started making tea just like that (minus the ginger and pepper — since my parents don’t like to embellish their daily 6 cups)– everyone liked it.

  2. @ Rangoli: The ginger and the pepper and Jay’s chai – my simple pleasures in life!

  3. Srija Unnikrishnan permalink

    Good one! Today, no one bothers to stop, stare and listen.

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