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A distracting and drizzly day!

April 14, 2012

It is a drizzly day in Pasadena again! Throughout the morning the roar of the thunder and the extremely bright flash of the sky’s camera distracted my attention. There was no respite in the evening too. I was sitting with my laptop and it was 4pm. It was raining outside. Suddenly, the room lit up and in the next moment it became a little dark. It was as if the sun was trying to get my attention by playing hide and seek. I tried hard to focus on my work but I just could not. A cloudy day, the sound of rain, the clouds hiding the sun and then letting it peep out once in a while– a perfect recipe for distracting my attention. Well sometimes resistance is futile, so I shut my laptop, kept it aside and stared out of the window.

The first thing I noticed were the tiny birds shivering in the tree. From their red forehead, the sound of chirruping and the experience with the bird-feeder, I could tell they were male house finches. The second thing I noticed were the tiny droplets hanging precariously at the edge of the branches. The shiny tiny prisms looked amazing against the heavy showers of rain! And then I noticed the bright green leaves. As one of my friends put it, “The leaves look greener after the first shower.” Well, so true! Isn’t it? And of course I noticed the playful sun teasing the foliage!

These are the days I miss India the most or should I say my mother the most! Why? I know for sure she would have made hot pakodas (fries) and hot chai for me!  I miss you mom, for the pakodas and of course your ever growing love! Today, I have to painfully drag myself to the kitchen, cut the potatoes, soak sabudana (tapioca), mix the masala, heat the oil and fry the pakodas myself! But hey! Life is not that bad, I have someone very dear to share it with! Yes, the same person who makes “special appearances” on my blogs all the time! Jay. He is busy with writing his thesis; otherwise he would be the one frying the pakodas! (Why?Oh that is because I always act like a damsel in distress while frying pakodas in the scary hot boiling oil.) Anyway, I finally dragged myself to the kitchen and made sabudana pakodas!

So here is the photo of the outcome of a distracting drizzly day! Looks yummy?Image

What do you do on a distracting drizzly day?

  1. Jay permalink

    Yummy it was!

  2. For someone stuck in the office, reading the blog helped me realize what I am missing outside! Rain also clears up the air and you get to see much farther than is possible otherwise. From being just smooth silhouettes on the horizon, even distant mountains reveal themselves in all their rugged and colorful glory. Not to mention all those narrow streams and tiny rapids that rain breathes life into, and all those earthworms that emerge out of their holes to pay you a visit!

  3. sid permalink

    Pakode ke saath chai banayi ki nahi? Yummy indeed 🙂

  4. Srija Unnikrishnan permalink

    Your pakodas look real tempting!

  5. Man, must say that your language is so very elegant to keep the reader engaged thoroughly 🙂 And a good post as well 🙂

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