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The invincible!

May 5, 2012

When I say the word invincible, what comes to your mind first? A woman’s heart, a baby’s innocence, the fury of nature, our deepest desires, endless disturbing thoughts, unflinching faith, or the human spirit? Well, I guess the list ends at infinity!

For me, the invincible and ever so intimidating is – the kitchen SINK! Yes, the one where you clank and clutter your vessels after relishing a sumptuous or not-so-sumptuous meal. It is almost as if the sink contrives plans to entice you to eat or drink to ensure its unfair share of attention. For instance, you would have just cleaned all the vessels while humming a song to ward away that evil spirit of boredom, and in just a few minutes, you would feel a deep desire to eat a chocolate cake. There you go! You have to dump the plate back in the sink! A few hours later, you sip coffee, or drink a glass of water, and again the sink gets filled! I tell you I am extremely troubled by the attention seeking sink! It never lets me rest in peace.

The sink not only demands but commands attention! And did I mention my favorite line – ‘Savor the simple pleasures of life with a cup of chai!’ only adds to the attention the sink receives!



  1. Swati permalink

    My sink gets loads of attention,for many days!Reading your post made me realize–laziness is after all not that bad an attribute!

  2. What a creative thought! Made me think what other things in our daily lives are potential monsters. Clearly the sink is an evil monster, but maybe there are some good monsters. The vacuum cleaner seems hungry for dust all the time. The washing machine wants to drink detergent and chew on clothes until it can suck out the the dirt from the clothes and then spits out the cloth like we spit out seeds of jamun after chewing the pulp. 🙂

    • Mayank, looks like Hongkong is treating you well! Your thoughts are creative. You made the sink an evil monster!!

  3. Interesting point of view! I never thought of it this way!!

  4. Srija Unnikrishnan permalink

    When a job becomes monotonous, innovate and find a way out. Looking forward to bright ideas from the young gen.!

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