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The echoes of an empty house

June 5, 2012

Packing! Oh, I can assure you that ‘packing’ can cause disharmony in an otherwise harmonious marriage. So much work to do and just two pairs of hands available! Well, the disharmony part is just a small part in the whole affair of packing. In reality, it has been way more than that for us. It brought with it surprises, helped us relive many long lost memories, and have time together,  away from the routine tensions in life! It also brought to our glaring notice the dirt that was comfortably tucked under the sofa, the fridge, and behind the book shelves!

Lost photographs, favorite dresses and of course, favorite books resurfaced after a long time. The discovery of photos was the best part! Jay and I were engaged in endless dialogues about each memory embedded in the photo. Well, a dialogue between us is almost always a monologue! All I can say is that the monologues were fun, for both of us! Also, I found a lot of my favorite children’s books in a box that was hidden in the closet.  (The same closet which got a lot more attention after I watched the movie, Monster’s Inc., for the first time!) It was a pleasure to find this treasure trove of mine. Jay found his old spectacles which he loved; at one point, more than me! Packing forces you to use hyperboles a little more frequently. Pardon me for that please!

Why are we packing? Jay and I are moving into a new apartment. It is in Pasadena and very close to where we live at present. Will I miss this house? Yes! What will I miss about the house? Everything. There is a memory tucked in every corner of the house. I will miss the window of my kitchen as it provided the much needed ventilation during my cooking. I have also stood by that window for long times thinking about my next blog! Jay has stood there for long times with his hands in his pockets too, thinking about enigmatic equations. I will miss the window in the living room. Why? They let me see my winged friends pecking contently at the grains in the bird-feeder. We will miss our winged friends the most! And there are just too many things to list here.

Packing is almost done and we are ready to move into our new apartment. Tomorrow, this house will be empty, yet filled with our memories – memories of pleasure and pain, excitement and fear, love and leisure! These beautiful memories are what I call the echoes of an empty house.

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  1. What about cleaning the apartment? That’s the part I dread the most when moving!!

  2. Srija Unnikrishnan permalink

    Tired after packing? Shifting house definitely is a time of discovery as well as an opportunity to decide what to keep and what to discard. Planned the layout of the new house?

  3. hey Sushree 🙂 All the best for your move, will be dropping in more regularly from now on! I’m sure you must have found a lot of interesting stuff while clearing up ;).

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