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A letter to Weesp.

August 28, 2013

ImageDear Weesp,

I saw your pictures online before coming to stay with you. You looked like a cozy small town. I eagerly waited to meet you in person. So Jay and I packed bags, put Avi (my six month old son) in a stroller and headed towards the airport with some amazing friends. The rollercoaster of adventure started from there. From missing one flight to travelling to three different US cities in two days, it felt like a never ending ordeal. I wondered why you did not want us to come to you.

Finally, we managed to board a flight which flew us to Amsterdam. Dragging a stroller, four heavy bags and carrying Avi was a mini adventure in itself. We finally stepped out of the airport into a cold Amsterdam. Someone told me that Amsterdam was usually warmer than this, but when we landed it was unusually cold. I longed to see the warm Amsterdam. You see, I came from the always warm Pasadena. Did I forget to mention that Mc-Donalds and Starbucks coffee at the airport brought a smile to my face? You see dear, Weesp, I was still missing Pasadena.  I wondered if you will ever make me feel as comfortable.

We somehow squeezed all our heavy bags into the accommodating trunk of a taxi and drove towards you. After a while, I saw a big sign board which read “Weesp” and had a right arrow next to it. I eagerly waited to see you. But for a few minutes, I was distracted, or should I say attracted to my little one who occupies the biggest space in my life. In a few minutes, the driver said, “This is the start of Weesp.” I looked up and saw vast stretches of green fields. I saw cows grazing in the fields and sheep wandering about. I saw an old windmill. I gazed at the ducks swimming in the canals. And I admired the beautiful houses near the canals. You brought a smile to my face. Dear dear Weesp, I thought you were beautiful. I felt I was turning the pages of my favorite picture book.   I fell in love with you instantly. Would my love be unrequited? I wondered.

The next day, I missed Pasadena terribly. But then it rained. And then the sun shone. I saw a beautiful double rainbow across the sky. Hmm. Yet again you brought a smile to my face. I made two hot cups of chai and had a wonderful time with Jay.

After it stopped raining, I went to the grocery store. Everything seemed like ‘French’ or should I say ‘Dutch’ to me. I was desperately trying to translate the description on a packet using my phone when a gentleman asked me, “Do you need help? I can help you with translation.” “Oh yes! Thank you so much,” I said enthusiastically. Sometimes expressions cross the barriers of languages and speak aloud for you. And surely the gentleman had read mine.  All this while, Avi was staring at everything in the store with wonder. “Wow!” I thought to myself. “A grocery store can be an exciting place for Avi too, with so many colours and shapes to look at!” I liked the groceries and Avi liked everything in the grocery store.

A day later, I roamed around in your city center on 11 number ki gaadi ! The aroma of freshly baked bread, little shops with lots of character, and the sight of families standing in queues to relish ice-cream filled my heart with joy. Ducks huddling together and little children trying to feed them were a pleasure to watch. Away from the hustle and bustle of a big crowded city where people get can easily get lost, you are a beautiful little town. ImageAvi loved you too. I know it because he was continuously looking around with his curious eyes and cooing. And yes he does convey his love through, “euuus and oooooohs”! Did you hear that?

You fill my heart with so much pleasure and you have so much to give that I am convinced my love is not unrequited! Hope we enjoy each other’s company over this next year.




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  1. Ragavendran permalink

    Glad to see you get back to writing after a loooong time 🙂 Can’t wait to visit Weesp and share its love!

    • Sushree permalink


      Jay, Avi, Weesp and I are waiting for you!

  2. Srija Unnikrishnan permalink

    You have Weesp attractive and inviting!

  3. Nice article, Weesp sounds like a beautiful place, and I am also glad to see Avi in the picture. Can you include more pictures in your future posts about Weesp? 🙂

  4. Sushree permalink

    Yes, indeed Weesp is beautiful!

  5. Rangoli permalink

    Loved it! Also miss you guys quite a bit. 🙂

  6. loved it…..good going girl..keep writing..:)muaa

  7. Siddharth permalink

    After reading this, I want to come visit – Weesp and Avi and you two! 🙂

  8. Outstanding quest there. Wɦat occurred afteг? Take care!

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