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A Kodak moment!

September 5, 2013

From Snowhite’s stepmom to Avi, a mirror fascinates all! Snowhite’s stepmom asked, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of all?” And Avi cooes, “Who is in this mirror after all?” I am his mother, so I can decode his coos.

The reflection in the mirror attracted Avi’s attention when he was two months old. I was lucky to witness that moment. He looked at the mirror on his swing and gave an amused look. He stared at his refection for a few minutes and moved his arms and legs to indicate his excitement. The joy of discovering something for the first time is priceless, isn’t it? For Avi, it was his reflection and for me it was his reaction.

Fast-forward to four months later. Avi still loves mirrors. Now he can do much more with a mirror. He can grab it, pull it, lick it and sleep on it! He holds the mirror with the firm grip of his little fingers. He looks into the mirror with wonder. Sometimes he smiles. Sometimes he talks. And at other times, he prefers holding out a hand to himself in the mirror, just the way he holds out his hand to me. Surely, his reflection is special to him!

There are times when he and I together look into the mirror. At such times, instead of looking at me directly, he prefers looking at my reflection.  He gurgles at my reflection. Today, he looked at me and then my reflection. Then again me. And then my reflection. If I had to decode his reaction this time, it would translate as, “Huh? Mommy is inside the mirror. Mommy is outside the mirror!” He stretched his hand out to touch me in the mirror. “Awww” I said. He turned towards me and stared at me with a twinkle in his eye. Kodak moment! 


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  1. Ragavendran permalink

    Sometimes I think at a metaphysical level, while staring at my-self in the mirror, that my reflection is a different-self. It really helps for me to make resolutions while looking at myself in the mirror – it helps boost my willpower, and so strengthens my resolve. Its as if my thoughts are “magnified” and more “focused” 🙂

  2. Beautiful! I wonder when I will get to play with Avi again 🙂

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