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Zoo through the eyes of an eight month old!

November 11, 2013

Avi had seen many animals in his picture books – a zebra, a lion, an elephant, a monkey to name a few. It was time to meet these animals in person. So we decided to take Avi to a zoo! More than him, we were excited to TAKE him to a zoo.

Avi’s trip to the zoo started with a snooze. It was accompanied with snores on papa’s cozy and warm shoulder. A train, a tram, light drizzle and views of the Amsterdam city gave us company on our way to the zoo. Jay and I were visiting the zoo for the time after we became parents. So we were very excited!

Finally, we reached the Artis zoo in Amsterdam. “Entry ticket is free for the baby,” said the person at the ticket counter looking at our sleepy little boy. The moment we entered the zoo, we saw a camel which seemed to have two humps.Image

And we heard monkeys screaming. Both of us looked at Avi with a lot of excitement. But Avi was in deep slumber! We were both getting impatient. “When is he going to wake up?” we wondered. Well, may be he sensed our restlessness and budged a little on Jay. He rubbed his eyes with his little fingers and gazed around. And the two of us were waiting to see some eagerness in his eyes. But he did not care. Oblivious to his surroundings, he wrapped his hands around Jay and said, “papa”. And suddenly that hug and the sound of “papa” were way more exciting than the two humped camel or the screaming monkeys. We were happy if Avi was happy. We realized that there was no need for us to project our excitement onto him. He was a unique individual and he had his own ways of getting happy. You see, as first time parents, we are learning all the time.

We walked on. We saw a little baby elephant snuggling with its motherImage

While we were looking at this amazing sight, Avi was looking at a sparrow (which obviously was not supposed to be a zoo attraction) pecking at something on the ground. “Oooh” he addressed the sparrow from his papa’s shoulder. We walked on. A lion and a lioness were resting in a small cave of a big enclosure. For some reason, Avi stared at the lion for a long time and said, “Ooooh, aaaa” from the comfort of his perch! And people around smiled. Babies have the ability to do this well –put a smile on your face, anytime, anywhere!

Our now alert baby started looking around. The exotic species in the zoo did not attract his attention much but the ducks, children running around, and sparrows pecking on the ground did! Our final stop on the zoo was an aquarium. There were a lot of fancy looking fish in the aquarium who looked bored behind the glass doors. The children visiting the aquarium looked bored too. Suddenly one kid shouted, “papa.” Her voice echoed in the aquarium. This echo attracted many other enthusiastic echoes. In a minute, the aquarium was filled with sounds of “papa” and giggles. Avi who was trying hard to look at the bored fish started smiling at these kids. And his parent’s smiles followed!

The trip to the zoo ended with lunch at a water side restaurant – the main attraction being flamingos in the water! The flamingos entertained Avi while we quickly grabbed a bite. In conclusion, it doesn’t matter where you go with an eight month old, he will make sure that you view the world through his eyes. And trust me; the world is a much more beautiful place that way! 



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  1. Srija Unnikrishnan permalink

    A very honest account!

  2. siddharth permalink

    More posts Sushree!

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