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About me

I am a picture book addict. Be it a gloomy day or a sad mood, a good picture book can cure it all! And I also believe that there is nothing that good food and chai can’t cure!

I love listening to stories by children and take a dip in their world of imagination. Endless conversations with them gives me ideas for my stories.

I am an educator and a storyteller but the role that I enjoy the most is that of a mother! My little one, Avi occupies the biggest space in my life.

I do not like people who are disrespectful to children, women or anyone around them.

Rain, rainbows, canals, windmills, smiles of children, moonlight on shimmering waters, a steaming cup of chai, golgappas, a good picture book, Jay’s company, my family and Avi’s smiles bring me the most pleasure in life!

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